As I was walking down tomorrow
Schiksal in my eyes
I spied a young woman with fire in her face
A mouth too good to speak to
And hair of crimson lace

She said, "On a continuum, it's a volatile brew
On a continuum, a volatile brew."

She said, "Come up and see me, I'll make a Jew stew…"
I said, "I'm partial to rasta pasta"
- "What about a chink chowder?"
Would you Adam and Eve it?
- "A Sambo stroganoff?"
I'd scarcely believe it!
"What's in it?" I asked, a little askew
She replied, "A dego delight and some minced sodomite"

She said "Take me, any way you want me…"
I said: "What? I can kiss you for free?"
"Oh yeah," she said, "You can do that and more
I'll even let you scrub my back on the bathroom floor"
I thought, "Wait a minute - this ain't the way it's meant to be"
Cos girls of her ilk never do nothin' for me
They're all talk and no action kinda babes
They'll kiss and tell, but never scratch and smell

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