Your soft touch is satin on the tip of my chin
Your laughter thrills me and I am ready to begin
Begin to win the tired chase
Leave behind recollections of sorrow's sour taste

Let's start now to take our time
Let's not bow to fickle fates rhyme
I want to take you to the limits of the sky
I want to be a part of your ultimate high

Talk back take time to get below the flow
Turn your back on green-eyed glow
Trust my instinct to choose the best
Having been through the mill and lived through the rest

Serious minds set back outrageous art
Fine wine lets lines out of the pesky part
Time for our might to bestow our delight
I want your glow around me tonight

Take me through the gates of laughter
Make me master my forever after
Sit back and listen to the glow of the coal
Stay slack and prepare to conquer my soul.

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