A sideways look and then a yawn
Just what is it you're trying to spawn?
Do you know who you remind me of?
My lifelong love and just because
Of that beauty spot there on your cheek
Revealing the secrets that lie beneath

Thinking of her even now is a sin
Cos I fell hard - the deepest I've been
Wanting it back - just for a while
I'd do it different, you know I'd make you smile

God how I love your beautiful face
Brimful of beauty, never fallen from grace
Do it to me, just one last time
You know I want you, rain or shine
You are my lucky number seven
Here or there, either way is heaven

Beautiful in black, gorgeous in wine
Whatever you wear
I want you to be mine
A ring on your finger - does it mean anything?
Heart to heart, torn apart
Succulent separation
Unbearable isolation

I don't want you for what you have
I want your thoughts not torn in half
I want you to say one last time
"Love me big man, your ass is mine"
Do you want to talk to me?
Do you want to help me be?

Do you know it's a long time I've been
Getting over you
Consoling my heart
Though I haven't a clue
Just what it is I have to do
To win you back
Take up the slack
The unbelievable sulkiness of being

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