A kiss to consent, a smile to unwind
A twinkle of the eye and a smirk to bind
You're 89 different ways to get giddy
Struggling steadily past the point of self-pity
Your beauty spot points me in the right direction
Catching a sight of your inner light
Will it fill me with might if we talk through the night?

Your perfume pours through the senses I share
My insolence loosens as you let down your hair
Tonight's the night; it's just me and you
Let's live in the fast lane and paint ourselves blue

To say hello is no throwaway undertaking
To stand back and gaze in your upward direction
And utter untold words for your own protection
Distinctly different, in a nutshell - to dance
Take the bull by the horns and throw me a glance

First contact, so want that, so needing your flair
How was that? Too awkward? How much do you care?
Lillies lashing, rainbows dashing through dynamite heap
When we leave others to stare
At the path we've beaten through doom and despair

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