It's life as we knew it
But didn't we know?
It's life as we grew it
Why did we let love grow so slow?

If a girl who would smile
Should take such a while
Sick to the tooth and stoned to the bone
Would I have the guts to go it alone?

Disparate, desperate,
You don't know the half of it
Hide in my shame
If you want someone to blame

Be my vampira, you know what I need
A place to grovel, a place to feed
Don't be afraid, you know I won't bite
Don't be afraid, you know my love is dynamite

Do you have what it takes to live in life's fast lane?
Do you know how it feels to numb the pain?
The pain of sorrow, the agony of joy
That bitter lemon pill that will ye destroy
But only if you let it, aint that the truth
As Lady Chatterly said: "Ain't life a beut!"

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